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Worry about your grip, not your rings.

Stylish, silicone ring guards that protect your wedding and engagement bands while you work out.


Loved By:

A gym locker is no place for your beautiful rings.

buffr is a guard that protects and accessorizes your engagement rings and wedding bands while you work out. It is trendy, chic, soft, and most important - protective.

With a buffr, you can exercise without having to take your rings off or worry about scratching them.


How it Works:

buffr is a ring guard that protects the bottom of your wedding band and engagement ring while you work out. It is also made of high-quality silicone for maximum durability and comfort.


buffr comes in various ring sizes to ensure a proper fit no matter who's using it. Easily slide your buffr on and off withour ever taking your rings off! Your buffr should fit comfortably on your finger - it should not feel right or cause any discomfort.

Peace of Mind:

Gym lockers are for flip flops and deoderant... not your engagement ring and wedding bands. With buffr, you can enjoy your workout without having to worry about losing or scratching your beautiful jewelry.

Local Female Founded Brand:

Buffr is designed and owned by a Female Founder in the USA. It is also produced with a manufacturer based out of the USA.


To have and to hold (your rings in place)

buffr was created so you can fit a quick workout into your busy schedule without having to worry about your rings.

But buffr's mission goes beyond silicone ring guards. With every buffr sold, we donate 5% of net proceeds to VOW for Girls, a growing global movement that partners with people and brands to end the international child marriage crisis and support girls to live the lives they love.

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A simple solution

If you're tired of worrying about losing your ring in the home-work-gym shuffle, buffr is easy to use, comfortable, and it allows you to keep your rings in the best place for them - on your finger!



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