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The Ring Guard You Never Knew You Needed

#mybuffr has TONS of 5-star reviews. Wonder what makes buffr so special?

Style, Comfort, and Durability

  • Protects the bottom of your bands
  • Made with high-quality silicone for comfort and durability
  • Lets you workout without taking off your beautiful rings

Plus, for every buffr sold, we donate to VOW for Girls, a growing global movement that supports girls to live the lives they love.


I was searching for something that didn't exist

From our Founder

A few years back, I had just gotten engaged, and was so excited to wear my beautiful new engagement ring but didn't know what to do with it when I went to the gym. Then it hit me: " is this going to work? I'm either going to damage my ring or lose it in the home-work-gym shuffle."

I knew I couldn't be the only one Googling "ring guards for working out." So I decided to make one myself! From that day, I had started my entrepreneurial path and my personal solution had turned out to be a great business, but also so much more.

As buffr continues to grow, so does our ongoing support to VOW for Girls. We support VOW because we believe that every girl has the right to be as happy and excited about getting married as I was when I first created buffr.

- Emily Bonadies
Founder of buffr

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Our VOW for Girls

We VOW to help end child marriage, and have partnered with an amazing organization focused on just that - VOW for Girls. We have made a commitment to donate 5% of net proceeds to VOW. 100% of the money VOW raises goes directly to ending child marriage by supporting grassroots organizations around the world.

We want to help create a world in which every girl can decide if, when, and whom to marry.

buffr asks you to #PutAbuffrOnIt, raise your hand, and #VowForGirls to end child marriage.

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